Accumation Swiss specializes in producing high-quality precision-machined parts for a wide variety of complex industries, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics manufacturers. We ran an in-house study to find the best possible material composition for our production runs. The study’s goal was to identify which Beryllium Copper composition was the most machinable. Precision measurements taken throughout the study determined that beryllium copper M25—a highly-machinable, strong alloy that owes its superior machinability to a small fraction of lead content—provides an ideal material for a broad range of production runs.

Case Study

During the course of this case study, we worked with our Supplier to identify materials that would serve the needs of our customers. Our goal was two-fold—finding a material that would help us create quality products, and also helping our suppliers to identify their best material options.

We designated one machine for our supplier for six weeks. During that six weeks, they shipped six samples of one size of Beryllium Copper M25 rods in 25# lots. Each week, we ran a different lot of material and recorded several parameters of data to determine the top material. Some of the criteria and data we recorded included:

  • Tool wear
  • Chips
  • Drill wear
  • Part finish
  • Dimension changes
  • How often we had to change drills or sharpen tools

Over the course of this six-week case study, we were able to determine the material composition that worked best for our machining needs. Our material supplier now provides us with high-quality beryllium copper M25 rods to help us produce precision-machined parts with excellent wear resistance as required by our customers. Identifying the material that best-suited our needs enabled our material supplier to help us shorten lead times.

About Accumation Swiss

Accumation Swiss has developed an industry-wide reputation for manufacturing precision Swiss-machined parts that withstand the toughest conditions in the most demanding applications and provide our customers with rapid turnaround on Quality Swiss Precision parts. We consistently review the materials which we use, such as the study we completed on the Beryllium Copper M25 rods, in order to ensure that we provide our customer with the highest quality products and services. To discuss any your machining needs, please contact us or request a quote today.