At Accumation Swiss, we specialize in manufacturing precision Swiss screw machine parts from an expansive range of metal and plastic materials. Our ability to create precision miniature parts sets us apart from other machine shops, and our skilled machinists receive extensive training to ensure they meet every customer specification, every time.

Though we excel at producing small parts, our machine shop features a full spectrum of machining capabilities. Along with Swiss cam screw machines, we also have of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment to serve a broad range of projects across industries.


CNC Machining Services

CNC machining uses an automated computer program to guide the movement of cutting tools in accordance with programmed instructions. Operators create instructions the machinery can understand based on a digital design file—typically a computer-aided design (CAD) file. Once the instructions have been entered, the machine handles the rest of the process from beginning to end, cutting away material from a workpiece until it precisely matches the specified design.


CNC Machining Applications & Industries

Many industries rely on CNC machining to produce essential components, such as:

  • Medical. The medical sector uses CNC machining to produce surgical tools, medical device components, prosthetics, orthotics, equipment housings, and more.
  • Dental. CNC Swiss screw machining and CNC milling produce highly accurate dental tool components.
  • Military and defense. The military depends heavily on CNC machining to produce aircraft and vehicle parts.
  • Aerospace. Precision CNC machining creates extremely accurate aircraft parts that comply with demanding aerospace tolerance standards.
  • Musical instruments. CNC machining can produce finely detailed components that facilitate accurate pitches from musical instruments.
  • Communications. Communications and telecommunications equipment uses a variety of CNC-machined parts and components.
  • Automotive. Automotive OEMs and aftermarket suppliers use CNC machining to produce a wide range of automotive parts.


CNC Machining Services at Accumation Swiss

At Accumation Swiss, we’ve been machining precision goods for many different industries. Our knowledge, expertise, and passion for machining have earned us a reputation for producing the highest-quality machined parts possible. We back up our dedication to quality with our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, ensuring that you always get parts that meet and exceed your expectations.

To see how our machining capabilities can help with your next project, please contact us today.